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family military history

Captain Charles Tuckniss
Stewart’s Grandfather, Captain Charles Tuckniss was wounded in France in the Battle of the Somme on 1st July 1916. On the first day alone there were 60,000 Commonwealth casualties 20,000 of which were killed. Upon recuperating he was posted to India and served with the Indian A Company 2/103 Mahratta Light Infantry.

Captain Bernard Wentworth Tuckniss
Stewart’s Father, Captain Bernard Tuckniss attended Repton Public School, Derbyshire where he was active in the Officer Cadet Training Unit (OCTU). In 1942 he was posted to India and commissioned into the Indian Army 5th Mahratta Light Infantry serving throughout South East Asia for which he was awarded the Burma Star.

The Mahratta Regiment
The Mahratta Regiment was originally raised around 1800 as a battalion of the 8th Regiment of Bombay Native Infantry. The Regiment fought through the Great War, rendering gallant service in Iraq as the 116th Mahrattas. The Regiment was composed entirely of sturdy fighters from the uplands of the Bombay (Mumbai) Presidency round Ponna and Satara. In the days of the East India Company, the Mahrattas put up a stout resistance to the Company’s forces in the two Mahratta Wars of 1803-06 and 1817-19.

Capt C.S.Tuckniss, "A"Coy 2/103 Mahratta Light Infantry 1917

Cpt B.W.Tuckniss 5th Mahratta Light Infantry Regimental Centre
Officers and V.C.Os. 19th Sept 1943

Stewart Tuckniss
Stewart studied a Masters Degree in the Politics of NATO and from 1991 worked extensively within the UK Ministry of Defence working alongside the Army and Royal Air Force. This has included two overseas postings to the Former Yugoslavia for which he has received the NATO medal and the German Command and Service Badge Bronze.

When i started my business little did i know my Soldiers would be so widely appreciated but ten years on they now Proudly Guard Palaces, Officers Messes and Castles all over the World

My showroom at Portobello Antiqus Market is a great place to come and visit me and view the wonderful collection of eccentricities I have acquired. I look forward to hearing from you.

Stewart J W Tuckniss

Stewart - Former Yugoslavia 1996

Stewart at Portobello Market Jul 2009

stewart in najasthan
Campaigning in Rajasthan Jan 05

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