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My Hand carved Uncle Sam a depition of the legendary

Amercian folk hero.

Uncle Sam dates from the War of 1812 and a renewed interest in national identity which had faded since the revolutionary war. The Origins are in an actual man, Born in Massachusetts, Samuel Wilson settled in the town of Troy, New York. He became locally known as Uncle Sam when his company E S Wilson began supplying meat to the Army.

By the early twentieth century, as a symbol of an ever

changing nation, Uncle Sam had gone through many incarnations. The Civil War saw a major transition in the development of Uncle Sam as his image was associated with that of Abraham Lincoln. It was during this period that Sam aged and acquired a beard. The final version of Uncle Sam that we are most familiar with today, came about in 1917. The famous I Want You recruiting poster by James Montgomery Flagg set the image of Uncle Sam firmly into American consciousness.

UK Price: 29 + 4.99 Post and 125 Large inclusive of postage

Overseas Price: North America small $65 delivered to the door Large $250

Availability: Yes

Size: 17'' and 48'' tall

Code Number: 801

Provenance: Limited Edition New Design Order Large for June 2008

Condition: Antique Finish

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