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Madras Native Infantry.
- British India

british raj wooden soldier

Madras Native Infantry

My limited edition soldier is the Madras Native Infantry c.1861 depicted in British red pattern tunic.

The soldiers of the Madras Regiment are the descendants of the Pallavas, Cholas, Pandiyas, Telugus and Cheras whose history of valour is unparalleled. The origin of the Madras Regiment can be traced to the occasion when the levies were organised into companies of 100 men each, and two battalions were thus raised on 4 December 1758 and placed under the command of Robert Clive to defend Fort St. George at Madras.

Thus the Madras Regiment became the oldest element of British Indian infantry. The number of battalions of the Regiment soon increased to a maximum of 52 battalions in 1826.

The Madras Native Infantry spearheaded the storming of Seringapatnam Fort in the Fourth Mysore War in 1799.

On 23 September 1803, the Madras Army under Marquise Wellesely defeated the Peshwa army at a place called Assaye and won the acclaim of all. In recognition of the fierce fighting capabilities displayed during the battle of Assaye, the insignia of an Assaye Elephant was awarded to the Madras Native Infantry and the same is worn on the belt by all ranks of the Regiment to this day.

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